ADD and ADHD Children Recognition Guidelines

ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder kids

ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder is actually one of ADHD subtypes. Many people still cannot differentiate between ADD and ADHD symptoms in a child. A lot of research has been done about ADD and ADHD kids. Here are some guidelines how to recognize ADD and ADHD children.

ADD children may be at the greater risk of educational failure because they had problems with their attention. In easiest way to understand is ADD kids tend to be a ‘daydreamer’ where they may have trouble in paying attention, following directions or finishing tasks because they easy to feel distracted and very shy.

Besides, ADD kids not only can be deemed to be not hyperactive, but they can also be seen as a sluggish or slow in processing information or to respond. Thus, ADD kids may appear disorganized and careless, frequently lose things and also forgetful.

ADD syndrome is most frequently diagnosed in girls.


ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder kids

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a term that used for children with very hyperactive behavior (overactive) and disturbing (disruptive). ADHD kids usually have lack of concentration or short time attention. This is because they cannot sit still in one place and very playful.

Even though people think it is normal for children to behave like that, but for ADHD kids, they will behave quite mischievous than usual or very naughty, especially if they interested in new things.

ADHD children can also be viewed as ‘energizer bunnies’ in constant motion. They like to make excessive moves, always into things, squirming and fidgeting. Although they can understand and think what others said, they just like to ignore it. This is why ADHD kids very hard to mix with the society.

Boys are three times more frequent than girls suffering ADHD syndrome.

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